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First Aid Tips

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First  Aid Training & Kits

International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies
The National Societies provide first aid training and first aid kits.

Emergency  Kit

First Aid Kit
We recommend the first aid kits available from the Red Cross and Red Crescent (add six Jelly Babies for diabetics).

Rescue Tool
A rescue tool like the Spyderco Assist is ideal for emergency use as it has a safety cutter, tungsten carbide glass breaker and an emergency whistle built into the handle.

A small 'AA' battery powered flashlight with an SOS flasher function like the Fenix LD12 is ideal for emergency use.

Mobile Phone
A mobile phone with GPS like the Nokia C5-00 helps the emergency services quickly locate the phone user in an emergency.

Nokia C5-00 users have free access to Nokia Maps they can download for use with the free navigation service. It is desirable to have the assisted GPS (A-GPS) feature turned on as it assists in quickly calculating your current location. This feature requires an Internet access point defined in the device to retrieve assistance data from Nokia's A-GPS service over a packet data connection. The device asks you to select the access point when this feature is first turned on.

Road Map
A road map of your area helps you direct emergency services to your location or find a nearby hospital or police station.

Logo - Ribbon - Slogan

The Good Samaritan Day logo, ribbon (red front/white back), and
'do small things with great love' slogan were created by Richard Lutz.

The logo's circle represents the global aims of Good Samaritan Day, while the color scheme of the logo and ribbon are a tribute to the International Committee of the Red Cross founded by Henry Dunant. We believe the slogan helps promote the attitude that underpins the actions of Good Samaritans.

As Good Samaritan Day is not a money making enterprise we urge people to make their own ribbons and honor Good Samaritans in a manner that suits them and their local community.

Eleanor Roosevelt

"You gain strength, courage
 and confidence by every
 experience in which you really
 stop to look fear in the face...
 You must do the thing you
 think you cannot do."

- Eleanor Roosevelt

"Courage is the thing;
 all goes if courage goes."

- Sir James Matthew Barrie

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